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Costs will be structured according to your requirements, depending on your medical condition and country. We would like to treat each and every patient as a special individual providing you with the best medical care. To do this we will need some important information. 

Medical History

Please remember to send us as much information of your medical condition as possible so that we can make the right choices for you.

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Initial Contact with Afrisurg
After the initial contact and information on your medical need, Afrisurg will ask you to complete a questionnaire related to your medical condition. This will give us direction as to what information and special investigations we would require prior to your visit.

With your consent, previous or current relevant medical information will be obtained from your physician or hospital, before we approach the most suitable and best-qualified specialist. Once your attending physician is satisfied that he/she has all the relevant information and special investigations required, we will arrange your appointment and start with travel arrangements where applicable.

Once you and your physician are satisfied that your visit is in your best interest, we will forward a breakdown of costs depending on your needs.

  1. Travelling costs. (Either one or more people)
  2. Hospital costs. (This will include the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, pathology, radiology and prostheses if needed.)
  3. Accommodation before procedure and rehabilitation after surgery.
  4. Any other travelling or sight seeing tours in beautiful South Africa.

The costs will be quoted as a global fee, thus including all possible costs, giving you peace of mind.

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