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Afrisurg provides a comprehensive and well-coordinated care programme for persons who wish to travel to South Africa in order to receive medical attention. We act as guide and councillor to those who seek help from recognised South African medical experts. We believe that Afrisurg can advise either local or foreign patients on the best surgical care in South Africa, care that is comparable to the finest international standards at competitive costs.

Our Policy

Advise patients, referring physicians, and medical funders of the appropriate medical facilities in South Africa that will meet the specific needs of the particular patient.

We coordinate all the requirements of the patient and accompanying caregivers during their stay in South Africa on an individual basis.

Build a professional and ethical relationship, ensuring trust and a lasting relationship.

All information will be handled in strict confidence.

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Company Overview

Dr Jaco van der Walt.
Together with Roger Melvill, Jaco established Afrisurg. Jaco organises quotations for patients and acts as the managed care advisor to patients and doctors.

Dr Roger Melvill (Neurosurgeon).
Roger is currently in private practice in Cape Town. He is one of the starter-members of Afrisurg and is actively iinvolved in procuring the best services for patients needing medical care in South Africa

Mr Mickey Mikre
Mickey has been involved with Afrisurg since inception. He is a managing partner of Afrisurg South Africa. From the time patients arrive in South Africa until the time they leave he is availabe day and night to assist with doctors appointments and tourism.

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