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Afrisurg attends to a wide range of matters that include the following....

Specialist Attention

Afrisurg is able to source medical specialists comparable to the finest international standards, making sure that you, the patient, receives the best possible treatment. Cape Town has world-class surgeons in most disciplines, giving Afrisurg the opportunity to select the appropriate specialist to attend to your specific needs.

Our medical experts will advise you on the procedure and the best possible solutin to your medical problem. Contact us to find out what we can offer you to improve your quality of life.

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What We Do

We undertake a preliminary assessment of the patient's condition and consult with South African medical experts before the patient comes to South Africa.

We are able to advise the patient on preliminary investigations on the advice of our medical experts.

We arrange all matters pertaining to the appointments with our medical experts.

We negotiate global fee structures with Physicians, Radiologists, Pathologists and Hospitals.

Global fee structures can also be negotiated with the medical service provider.

Air Travel for the patient and accompanying persons to and from South Africa is arranged.

Airport shuttle services and local travel is attended to.

We advise travellers and our medical experts on the documentation that may be required for visa applications and airline medical certification.

Accommodation of patients and accompanying persons at venues close to our medical facilities is arranged.

We are able to source local interpreters to assist those travellers who do not understand English.

While the patient is receiving medical attention we are able to advise accompanying persons on all matters pertaining to their stay in South Africa

We arrange follow-up of the patient after the South African experts have completed their task by ensuring that all documentation is forwarded to the patient's local health providers.

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