Medical Treatment
We provide a comprehensive and well-coordinated care programme for patients seeking medical attention in South Africa. Afrisurg will act as guide and councillor to recognised South African medical experts.

Afrisurg will arrange surgical care only in the disciplines comparable to the finest in international standards, making sure you, as the patient, only receive the best possible treatment. Cape Town has world-class surgeons in most disciplines, giving Afrisurg the freedom to advise you on most of the surgical procedure that needs to be performed.

Our medical experts will advise you on the procedure, and best possible solution to your medical problem. Contact us, to find out what we can offer you, the patient, improving your medical condition and quality of life.

Please use the Index on the left to view some of the services we can offer you. Should you need any further information or information on medical care that is not listed here, please contact us and we shall endeavour to assist you in any way possible